Rentals – A large fleet of Waterblasters, Waterblast Tools and Accessories.

Our rental fleet, consisting of almost 50 water blasters, is one of the largest in the Southeast. We have Gardner Denver, Jetstream & NLB ranging from 10K PSI to 40K PSI and 10GPM up to 80GPM. Our rental unit consists of a water blaster, two sections of hose and a dump gun or a foot control. We rent our units by the day, week or month to best suit your needs. Do you need one extra hose, a dump gun or foot control to supplement your rental fleet, we have you covered.

We have an extensive automation fleet. We have 2-D, 3-D, Badgers, Simple & Tele-Booms, automated exchanger and pipe cleaning with the ABX-2L, ABX-500 and the rigid lance machines. We can custom cut and thread your rigid lance up to 40’ in medium or high pressure.


Foot Controls

Rigid lance machine

Simple or Tele-Boom
Water blast units